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We can support you in communicating your clinical trial process at any stage, from beginning to end.

Readable and usable clinical trial summaries


The ultimate goal of a clinical trial is to produce usable research results. That may be in the form of a new medicine, a new use of an existing medicine, learning a new drug doesn't work as hoped, or a novel approach to treatment or prevention of a health condition.


No matter the goal, a clinical trial is a complex process. Regulatory structures assure that putting clinical trial results into daily practice will be a complex process.


A logical best practice, in that context, is to produce a summary of clinical trial findings that lowers the barriers to understanding and increases uptake of the results.


We are well aware of the regulatory changes that require so-called ‘lay’ summaries of clinical trials with a goal of increased understanding. Our goal is greater. Our goal in writing, designing, and disseminating the results of clinical trials in a health literate manner is to reduce the time from development of a research question to productive use of valid and reliable results in society.

Yes, health literacy can help you make all that possible in your clinical trials.

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