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What we do

We can support you in communicating your clinical trial process at any stage, from beginning to end.

Understandable, usable, legal, and ethical informed consent

How often have you read your own informed consent documents and wondered exactly what they were saying?


All too often, the jargon of regulations translated through lawyers and Institutional Review Boards (IRB) can get in the way of an informed consent process that is both informed and reaches a true consent.


An evidence-based and health literate approach to informed consent can help your experts – including the IRB you are working with – reach the shared goal of a truly informed consent process. We can help make sure that your potential participants fully understand the process and desired goals of your clinical trials so when they do consent, it’s with an understanding of the expectations of your trial. That is a meaningful consent.


Our expert staff has worked directly with many IRBs, governmental agencies, universities, pharmaceutical corporations, and a broad and diverse number of people around the world.


Yes, health literacy can help you make all that possible in your clinical trials.

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