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What we do

We can support you in communicating your clinical trial process at any stage, from beginning to end.

Materials that engage, motivate, and sustain retention

We all receive reminders in our life every day. Reminders of a doctor’s appointment, a conference with your child’s teacher, or even just to take out the trash. We don’t always pay attention to all those reminders.


How much better would it be if reminders were easy to understand, arrived at the right moment in time, and actually succeeded in helping you meet your commitments?


Our health literacy professionals can reshape, redesign, and dramatically improve the communication materials used in your clinical trials.


Through our use of formative research with study participants from diverse communities, we can tailor a messaging strategy to help ensure that everyone shows up when and where they are supposed to. In turn, that will help assure that your clinical trial is as rigorous and valid as possible while also lowering costs.


In the worst case scenario, a fully-informed participant is also most likely to help you identify exactly when and why they chose to drop out of your clinical trial – reducing uncertainty in the reporting of outcomes.


Yes, health literacy can help you make all that possible in your clinical trials.

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