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At Health Literacy Media’s Clearly Communicating Clinical Trials (C3T), we are prepared to introduce the best evidence-based practices of health literacy and plain language to your clinical trial processes.

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Contact C3T by calling us at Health Literacy Media at (314) 361-9400 or using this form.


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Ask us your questions about what health literacy can do for your clinical trials. We'd love to help you improve your clinical trial processes from beginning to end.

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Request a proposal

We are happy to develop a proposal focused on how health literacy and plain language can help you improve:

  • Recruiting processes and outcomes

  • Approach to informed consent

  • Retention and engagement during the clinical trial

  • Understanding and uptake of your findings

  • Your staff’s ability to communicate with participants

Join us

Interested in careers, internships, or opportunities to "be a scientist?" Learn more below.


Have a thing for health literacy and clear communication? Us too. Come join our team.


Our interns don't just get us coffee. This is more of a real-life experience kind
of internship.

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Want to help make sure our clinical trial materials are easy to understand? We'd appreciate your feedback.

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