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We can support you in communicating your clinical trial process at any stage, from beginning to end.

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Research and evaluation focused on the processes of your clinical trials can help assure that your trials are also a source of continual learning and improvement for your organization. This can extend from testing materials to evaluating skills, knowledge, and perceptions of staff and participants.


Valid and reliable evidence can help you:

  • Build a framework of understanding

  • Prevent conflicts

  • Increase efficiency

  • Tailor and adjust practices during a clinical trial 

  • Assure learning and sustainable participation

  • Document the success of your clinical trials

  • Learn how to improve current practices

We strongly believe that we should apply research and evaluation to the clinical trial process. Your research may be focused on a specific clinical intervention. We're interested in helping you capture data about the larger process. While clinical trials have been conducted at least since the 1700s – and some argue they can identify clinical trial processes as early as 562 BC – the process of learning about and improving clinical trials should never cease.


We often encounter participants in clinical trials who see no personal benefit from their participation. We often encounter people living with a health condition who have no idea that clinical trial opportunities even exist or that they could benefit from participation. Health literacy can help you address both those issues, and more.


The social perceptions and misperceptions about clinical trials are real, pervasive,

cross-cultural, and complex. The social perceptions and misperceptions of participants in clinical trials by clinical trial staff (and vice versa) are real, pervasive, cross-cultural, and complex as well.


Sustainability is based on learning and the ability to adapt. Our best practices in research and evaluation of your clinical trial process can help you find the best pathway to success – however you may define that.


Applying our best practices in research and evaluation your clinical process can help you learn how to best share with the world the possibilities that can emerge from your clinical trials and how to best operationalize your clinical trials. Let us help you help the world be a better place through your clinical trials.


Yes, health literacy can help you make all that possible in your clinical trials.

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