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Partner with HLM to share your thoughts and improve health information

We need your help to make sure that health information is easy to understand and relates with people’s experience. We partner with people in the community to hear their thoughts through surveys, interviews, and group discussions called focus groups. Then, we use their thoughts and feedback to improve health materials and change how health information is shared around the world.

See the list below for ways you can currently partner with us. Our list changes all the time, so be sure to check back often!

How we partner to hear people’s thoughts

Sign up to share your thoughts on a certain health topic or material

If you’re interested in an opportunity below, click the “sign up” button. You’ll fill out a form to share some general information about yourself.

Share your thoughts

If you match who we’re looking for, we'll email you with next steps. This could be taking a survey, reading a material and sharing your opinions in an interview, or many more.

Get a gift card

After you complete the opportunity, we'll email you a gift card as a thank you for your help!

Open opportunities to partner with us

Scroll through the Open opportunities below to see where we need help. If you’re interested in an opportunity, click the button to sign up.

Want to get our open opportunities emailed straight to your inbox? 

Fill in your first name and email and click the button to join our mailing list:

Privacy policy

Data privacy is important to us. Read our policy to see how we use your data.

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