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Understandable and useful recruitment materials and methods

No matter how well designed and planned, clinical trials fail if they don’t attract enough people to join. An evidence-based and health literate approach to designing and sharing recruitment materials will increase your success at getting people to join and will help sustain their engagement with your research.


Health literacy helps people find information, understand that information, evaluate if that information fits their needs and life, successfully communicate about that information with others, and make an informed decision about their health. As a clinical trial researcher, that is what you want to happen.


We can help people:

  • learn about your clinical trial,

  • understand your goals,

  • decide if your trial is a good fit for them,

  • contact you and their personal support network to discuss the idea, and then

  • make a truly informed decision to participate.


Sustained participation is the outcome of a health literate approach to clinical trial recruitment. 


Yes, health literacy can help you make all that possible in your clinical trials.

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What we do

We can support you in communicating your clinical trial process at any stage, from beginning to end.

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