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How we think

We work as partners with our clients, from the product development stage to the communication of results at the end of the study

Health literacy is more than plain language

We find that many organizations use plain language principles but miss the true meaning and power of a full health literate approach. For example, a still too frequently used phrase – “lay summary” – inherently misses the point by devaluing the importance of the audience’s role in making meaning and denies the audience any expertise in their own lives. That approach is counter to the philosophy of the broader health literacy movement that we are leading. At Health Literacy Media, we work hard to value all stakeholders in the complex process of introducing science and the broader society to each other.

Fields of expertise

We use our more than 100 years of combined experience from many fields, including research, communication, journalism, social work, and public policy. We work as partners with our clients, from the product development stage to the communication of clinical trial results at the end of the study.

Our expertise spans across many fields, including:

Social media strategy

Website design and launch

Ethics boards and informed consent

Video planning and production

and editing 

Summary distribution

In-country translation review

Plain language

Patient advocacy


Graphic design

Recruitment and retention

Health literacy

Health communication

Research and evaluation

Medical summaries

How we operate

We are more than just a "vendor." We are true partners who think with you. We help you translate key details and data into clear and usable recruitment, consent, and summary documents that confidently and accurately convey complex information. Throughout, we always work with you to meet all regulatory timelines and requirements.


We prioritize:

Flexible formats

We provide summaries in multiple ways, including print, digital, and social media. We don't just stop at patient information. We also provide guides for clinical sites and medical providers.


We operate in a virtual, secure environment while maintaining close contact with your clinical disclosure, operations, and medical writing teams. 

Quality deliverables

We use evidence-based approaches to health literacy and plain language to translate complex methods and results into accurate, understandable, and usable communication materials that meet all regulatory requirements.

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