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Privacy policy

Effective July 2022

This Privacy Policy explains how Health Literacy Media (HLM) may use personal information about you before, during, or after a focus group (group discussion), one-on-one interview, or online survey.

What personal information does HLM collect?

HLM may collect personal information from you directly. For example, when you sign up to take part in a paid focus group, interview, or survey, you fill out an online form. The type of personal information that HLM may collect about you includes:

  • Contact information, including your name, email address, or phone number

  • Demographic information, including race or ethnicity, age, highest level of education, and identified gender

  • Health-related information, such as health conditions or treatments you have had

How does HLM use my personal information?

We may use your personal information to:

  • Contact you by email or phone to confirm your information or schedule you for one of our paid opportunities

  • Email you newsletters or other communications that you have signed up for


When you sign up for a paid opportunity, we will ask if you agree to us contacting you for future opportunities via email or phone. If you select “yes” for this question we will save your information in a secure server to contact you for other paid opportunities you may be able to take part it.​

Will HLM share my personal information?

During any focus group, interview, or survey, we will collect information about you like your name and feedback. We will keep this information private (not shared with the clients) and your feedback will be anonymous. This means that we will not link your name with the feedback you share with us. We will never include your name or any other information that could identify you in the reports we send to our clients. We will only report to our clients the combined data collected from you and other participants.

Is my personal information safe?

HLM is committed to keeping your personal information safe. We use a variety of security technologies and steps to help protect your personal information so that only staff working on the project can see it.

Your personal information is contained in secure computer networks and only a small number of staff have access to it and are required to keep the information confidential (private).


While we do everything we can to protect your personal information, there is always some risk that someone who does not have permission may find a way around our security systems and your personal information may be taken. By signing up for one of our paid opportunities through an online screener, you are acknowledging and accepting these risks.

How can I contact HLM with questions?

If you have questions or concerns about how HLM uses your personal information, contact

Catina O’Leary
President and CEO, Health Literacy Media

Phone: +1 (314) 361-9400

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