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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Manager

Arion Castillo

Master's Degree-Organizational Psychology

Arion Castillo

As the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Manager, Ari makes sure everyone has what they need to do their job in an inclusive environment. She works with the team to develop training programs to support a diverse and inclusive work environment. She also manages recruitment, staff retention, and helps to maintain a mentally and physically healthy workplace at HLM.

Arion Castillo, MS is the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Manager at HLM. Arion blends her education in Industrial-Organizational Psychology and Healthcare Management to lead HLM's efforts in hiring, developing, and retaining diverse talent and implementing standard operating procedures to foster an inclusive work environment.

Arion is passionate about improving the lives of others and equipping companies with the ability to do so by using her knowledge as in Industrial Organizational Psychology (I/O Psychology) to create workplaces that allow them to thrive both personally and professionally. Ari's philosophy is "if you are going to spend half of your life at work you, it's important to make sure you are happy while doing it!"

Outside her work at HLM, Arion is an active community advocate. She serves on boards of directors for Urban Harvest STL, Collective Souls Inc., and Reaching Beyond Resilience, all non-profit organizations that work to identify barriers, educate, and empower underserved communities.

Her education, passion, and community activities, inform HLM's research, initiatives, and support maintaining an environment that allows the team to produce work that is diverse, equitable, and inclusive to reflect the many audiences our materials and programs are intended to serve.

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