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Director of Clinical Trial & Science Communications

Diane Webb


Diane Webb

As the Director of Clinical Trial & Science Communications, Diane works with our partners to create customized health literacy programs and products, with a focus on our Clearly Communicating Clinical Trials (C3T) program.

Diane believes that health literacy is critical to help people take an active role in their health. She loves the challenge of applying health literacy strategies to make complex topics easier to understand. As the Director of Clinical Trial & Science Communications, Diane writes and edits materials. She also develops and delivers trainings to improve health literacy skills for a variety of audiences.

Over the years, she has helped to create the structural processes for the C3T program that guide our team as we write, review, design, and user test clinical trial materials, including lay summaries, informed consent forms, and trial recruitment materials.

Before joining HLM, Diane managed clinical research projects at Saint Louis University. She was involved in nearly all aspects of the research process — writing study procedure manuals, obtaining IRB approval, recruiting and retaining study participants, writing and submitting reports to federal agencies and sponsors, collecting and analyzing data, and disseminating results. In that role, she saw the importance of clear communication, which sparked a passion to help people feel more confident (and less afraid) of health information. In her role at HLM, since brings that extensive expertise to our work.

Diane holds a Master of Public Health (MPH) in Behavioral Science and Health Education & Epidemiology from Saint Louis University and is a Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES).

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