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Director of Program Development

Megan Rooney, LMSW, M.Ed

Megan Rooney

Megan is motivated by the ever-changing nature of the health literacy field. She enjoys being a part of something that’s always growing, and her role is to encourage and develop that growth. Over the years, she has met with clients at every step in their process and helped create programming that ranges from developing print media and mobile applications to facilitating focus groups and audience testing, and much more. As clients’ needs expand, so does her role.


While developing and delivering content that people can understand and use is a large part of what she does, she is also an educator. As a team, HLM staff has trained thousands of people to identify and incorporate the principles of health literacy. As a leader, Megan makes sure the HLM staff is ready. She not only builds the framework that prepares HLM for the next project, but she also trains and motivates staff to excel as health literacy experts.  


In addition to her work at HLM, Megan delivers culturally sensitive trauma-informed therapies to individuals who have come to the
United States as refugees. Before HLM, she worked in behavioral and mental health research at Washington University in St. Louis, and in
Los Angeles as a child behavioral interventionist with children on the autism spectrum.


Megan holds a master’s degree in social work from the University of California, Berkeley and a master’s degree in health education from the University of Texas at Austin.

Megan Rooney

As the Director of Program Development, Megan Rooney creates the structural process that HLM uses to write, review, and design health-literate communications. She also plays a dynamic role in educational programming and staff development.

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