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Health literacy can transform  clinical trials.

We use health literacy to make complex science and clinical trial information clear, accessible, and meaningful.

We find that many organizations use plain language principles but miss the true meaning and power of a full health literate approach. We use health literacy to translate key details and data into clear and usable materials that confidently, accurately, and creatively convey complex information.

Clear communication throughout the full clinical trial process

We can help you improve communication any stage of your clinical trial process from from recruitment to results:


Health literate recruitment materials engage everyone and encourage diverse representation


An understandable consent process is essential to true and legal informed consent


Clear data collection forms ensure accurate data — no matter if the trial is local or decentralized


Patient-friendly summaries help patients understand their role and encourage future participation


Constant collection of insights ensures all research is grounded in the patients’ values


Staff communication strategies can facilitate meaningful participation for all involved

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Clinical trial communication at its best

We infuse health literacy strategies into every aspect of the clinical trial process, to increase understanding of science and clinical trial information, while meeting all regulatory timelines and requirements. 

Award winning content creation

HLM is an award-winning, interdisciplinary team of science, creative content, and usability experts.  Our team has become national thought leaders in health literacy and clinical trial communication.



We are more than just a "vendor." Our team walks through a process of co-creation with a focus on client needs, two-way communication, and evidence-based execution.

The summary is laid out in a way that is easy to follow and understand. Unlike anything I have seen. Exactly what is needed to help communicate research study results to everyone.

Patty Spears

Research Advocate, UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center

Effective public-facing content

Our team has created
clear, and effective content that has been proven to make clinical trial communication accessible and easy-to understand by a wide variety of audiences.

I don’t really ‘get’ science and I really didn’t get clinical trials… but now I feel like I can talk about the phases and talk about my disease better than I ever could before.

User tester

Plain language summary user tester

Driven by best-practices and a comprehensive health literate approach

We use health literacy to translate key details and data into clear and usable materials that confidently, accurately, and creatively convey complex information. Here's how:


We understand


We apply


We create

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We test and revise

the health, science, and risk information

clear communication best practices

engaging print and digital materials

messages, designs, and materials 

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