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Research Manager

Sumana Goli


Sumana Goli

As a Research Manager, Sumana uses her combined global public health knowledge, clinical research skills, and passion for health communications to oversee data management and project organization. She uses research knowledge and health literacy principles to communicate different research processes.

A public health professional and advocate, Sumana is passionate about
integrating health literacy into health and science communication — after all, evidence shows that health literacy is an effective tool to help patients understand information. As a research manager on the Clearly Communicating Clinical Trials (C3T) Team, Sumana uses her combined global public health knowledge, research background, and passion for health communications to oversee and communicate research processes.

Sumana brings a wealth of knowledge and experience with clinical trials, data collection, and pharma to HLM. She's worked with data collected for clinical trials testing ovarian cancer treatments, ensured data collected was meeting quality standards, and acted as a liaison between study sites and pharmaceutical companies. She has been a part of study teams focused on environmental and social influences on infectious diseases, and the determinants that influence heart diseases.

Having volunteered in respite care for older adults and adults with disabilities, and with a certification equipping her to help patients make lifestyle changes to improve health and well-being, Sumana provides support to many other topic and program areas here at HLM.

Sumana has a bachelor's degree in Microbiology with a concentration in Microbial Health Sciences and a Master's in Global Health from Duke University. Sumana is also a Duke certified integrative health coach.

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