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Health and Science Writer

Rebecca Schriefer

Rebecca Schriefer

As a Health and Science Writer, Rebecca writes health literate materials with evidence-based health literacy best-practices and plain language principles.

Before joining HLM, Rebecca worked in a research lab that focuses on trying to understand the complexities of lupus, an autoimmune disease. She not only worked behind the scenes in the lab, but also hands on in a lupus clinic, helping with observational studies and clinical trials.

An area of special interest for the lab was uncovering the social determinates of health for those with lupus. Through the research of her co-workers, Rebecca learned how so many aspects of a person’s life can affect their health. With her work in the clinic, she has also seen how hard it can be for someone to understand complex healthcare information when they are exhausted, distressed, and run down by their disease. This translated into the recognition of the need for simplified healthcare information that everyone can understand, regardless of mental state or educational background.

With her work at HLM, Rebecca hopes to address this need and spread the use of health literate materials in the healthcare system and at large.

Rebecca holds a bachelor's degree in biology from Washington University in St. Louis.

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