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Science Writer & Project Manager

Daniel Johnson


Daniel Johnson

As a Science Writer & Project Manager, Daniel has a dual role — communicating complex science information into easy, accurate, and understandable language for the general public to read and coordinating project tasks across the team.

Daniel received his PhD in Psychoneuroimmunology, so he knows a thing or two about complex science information. He loves the challenge of taking information and communicating it in ways that are easy-to-understand. HLM — specifically our Clearly Communicating Clinical Trials (C3T) — was a natural fit for him.

He functions as a writer and project manager, and excels at both. As a science writer, Daniel writes and edits, designs, and conducts scientific accuracy reviews of plain language trial summaries. As a project manager, Daniel coordinates project tasks across the team, and ensures timely progress and completion of plain language trial summaries. Because of his dual role, his work uniquely spans the entire plain language trial summary process.

Prior to joining HLM, Daniel was a professor of anatomy and physiology at East Central College. He has also spent time as a researcher at the University of Texas where he was looking at ways to improve learning and memory following traumatic brain injury. Daniel brings his wealth of teaching and research experience to our team.

Daniel holds a PhD in Psychoneuroimmunology from the University of Illinois.

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