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Health Literacy Media (HLM) announces new clinical trials education program and website

Updated: Aug 23, 2018

The newly launched C3T website and Twitter profile will share content specific to the clear communication of clinical trials

Health Literacy Media (HLM) on Wednesday announced the launch of its Clearly Communicating Clinical Trials (C3T) program, which brings health literacy to every stage of the clinical trials process. From clear informed consent to simple, actionable result summaries, C3T works with pharmaceutical companies and research facilities to develop materials with plain language, easy to understand numbers and charts, and simple graphics. C3T offers a wide range of services, including research summary development and distribution, plain language review, health literacy training, social media strategy, website development, and consulting. The newly launched C3T website, at, and Twitter, @C3T_HLM, will share content specific to the clear communication of clinical trials, such as how to communicate end points, side effects, and randomization. The website also provides details on services, staff expertise and health literacy. “Clinical trials often represent cutting-edge opportunities in care for patients, but the information and results are generally written for expert scientists,” said Dr. Catina O’Leary, HLM President and CEO. “Our goal at HLM is to infuse health literate communication into every channel of communication. We’re excited to offer C3T as a way to move research into action to improve people’s lives.” About 1 in 3 adults in the United States struggle with low health literacy and are at risk for poor health outcomes because of it. The communication barriers between health care providers and patients are not only costly in terms of money, but also health outcomes and lost lives. Sick patients can easily become worse when they don’t understand the correct dosage of medicine or know what kind of medical test they need. HLM is an international not-for-profit communications company that specializes in clear health communications. HLM partners with health care providers, academia, advocates, and organizations that want people to feel better, systems to work better, and health information to be easier to understand and use. By integrating evidence-based health literacy principles, HLM develops customized communications and education that help its partner organizations best serve people and organizations with diverse levels of health literacy. To learn more about C3T or to request a quote, contact Allen Todd at or call at 314-361-9400.


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