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Plain Language Science Writer

Mat Stevens

Mat Stevens

Mat loves solving problems. The more complicated the science, the more challenging the numbers, the more jumbled the words, the more he geeks out over it. He enjoys the creative challenge in taking an incomprehensible mess and turning it into something the public can understand and use.


Mat has always been an educator. At HLM, he’s a trainer, writer, and the go-to guy for number crunching. On the C3T team, he wears all of those hats at the same time. While research experts write their clinical trial summaries for other researchers, HLM experts, like Mat, write plain language summaries so that anyone interested in the results can understand them. When he’s not deciphering a clinical trial, he writes and edits documents with the plain language team, reviews relevant research, and teases out meaning from mountains of data.


His previous experience focused on using science to empower underserved youth. Through the Saint Louis Science Center, he helped establish a new gallery on 21st century agriculture and designed educational programs on renewable energy and entrepreneurship. Before that, Mat worked as a bench scientist in plant genetics and third generation biofuels at the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center.


Mat holds bachelor’s degrees in both chemistry and science education.

Mat Stevens

As Plain Language Science Writer, Mat lends his expertise to the plain language team and makes complex information simple. As part of the Clearly Communicating Clinical Trials (C3T) program, he streamlines complicated science into information that is easy for the public to understand and use.

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