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Senior Health Literacy Writer & Editor

Lisa Cary

Lisa Cary

For Lisa, the most rewarding part of her job is sharing health literacy and numeracy principles with others. Every time she trains a new group, Lisa is inspired by the commitment people make to learn new skills and seek HLM’s help in reviewing materials, videos, and web content.   


Lisa is proud to be a part of HLM and what they have accomplished, and she’s excited to be moving in a digital direction. People are searching for and using information on their devices, and HLM is keeping up with this trend. By creating videos and mobile apps, HLM is putting health-literate content where people are looking for it. Lisa writes video scripts, helps create video animations, and coordinates studio film shoots.


Lisa is an expert at clarifying complex language, especially health insurance jargon. At HLM, she has spent a significant amount of time writing, editing, and reviewing documents related to health insurance and employee benefits. Before joining HLM, she navigated health insurance complexity as a successful freelance writer, editor, and designer.


Lisa has a background in marketing communications and design. She holds a BA in English from Illinois Wesleyan University.

Lisa Cary

As the Senior Health Literacy Writer and Editor, Lisa reviews hundreds of pages of content every year. She uses health literacy principles to translate health content into plain language, lends an expert eye to everything health insurance related, and uses her design background to contribute to videography. When she’s not writing or editing, Lisa

develops and delivers plain language trainings for healthcare professionals throughout the country.

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