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Senior Graphics & Digital Media Designer

Candra Johnson, MPH, CHES

Candra Johnson

Candra believes that successful design happens when your audience is engaged, interacting with the piece, and understands what they need to know. She takes that to heart. She loves how short animated videos draw people in and make it easy to teach important health topics like health insurance, kidney health, and keeping kids safe.


Creating visual content isn’t just her job. It’s in her soul. She’s traveled both across the United States and out of the country – using photography – to help communities and health care professionals tell the story of their people and the work they are doing to improve health.


People may underestimate the power of design, but nobody can underestimate the results. Candra received her first taste of this while working with Saint Louis University’s College for Public Health and
Social Justice, and she was hooked. There she designed and developed digital and print health education materials and taught health professionals how to present health information in simpler, more engaging ways. Today, she does that and more, with an evidence-based health literacy lens.


Candra holds a Master of Public Health (MPH) degree in behavioral science and health education, with a focus in health communication and design, from Saint Louis University. She is also a Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES).

Candra Johnson

As the Senior Graphics & Digital Media Designer, Candra Johnson uses innovative design to bridge the gap between complicated health information and the people who need to understand it. Her passion for visual communication is seen in everything from animated videos and interactive decision aids to print materials and social media. She also lectures on health literacy topics, conducts trainings related to health-literate design, and produces webinars for healthcare professionals.

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